Gamilaraay YouTube video project

In September 2018, I spent a week at Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child & Family Centre in Gunnedah producing a learning resource for the Yaama Gamilaraay! program there. I was supported by funds from the Yaama Gamilaraay! program, and this formed part of my readings course in Gamilaraay, as part of my Master’s coursework. The result is Gagan, an engaging video for YouTube, proudly starring Kason Pryor, a deaf Gamilaraay man. You can watch Gagan here as well as below.

I also co-wrote and signed an Auslan-supported Gamilaraay version of “I can sing a rainbow”, which Winanga-Li incorporated as part of their 2018 Christmas concert. It was a privilege to contribute to the Gamilaraay revival effort and to do so in a way that involves deaf Gamilaraay people and both their cultures.