Seminar on Kailge Sign Language

On 12 October 2018, Alan Rumsey, John Onga, Francesca Merlan and I presented a seminar on Kailge Sign Language (KaiSL) and the wider communicative ecology in the Western Highlands region to the Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language. The seminar presents the results of fieldwork with 12 deaf signers in Western Highlands; addresses KaiSL’s place in the existing taxonomy of sign language types; and makes claims for KaiSL’s rapid evolution as evinced by its tight conversational turns, phonetic reduction, and incorporation of number into lexical signs. We were privileged to be able to include John Onga, who is Alan’s long-term research assistant from Kailge, and a competent hearing user of aksen, as signing is known in the region.

The video of the seminar itself is in preparation to be uploaded to the Centre of Excellence’s online seminar series. You can access the entire seminar PowerPoint, with embedded video, via this Dropbox link. We are very interested in all feedback on our analyses, and welcome you citing this work via the relevant ResearchGate DOI or page.